I think that maybe Pixar's department inside Disney took over for making the Disney Classics. To me, the most recent Disney movies such as Bolt, The Princess and the frog, and Tangled don't have the same amazingly classic heart feeling that the classics like Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and the Lion King did. Unlike many other "pull at your heartstrings" life action movies, these classic Disney movies, moved you like no other. Child or not, they made you feel invincible. K, gotta say, Car's is a complete rip off of Doc Hollywood, but somehow it still managed to make Disney a cool $461 Million World Wide. The characters of Mater and Doc Hudson were likable but our hero was selfish and conceded, which was part of the movie's plot, but at the same it, it's a Disney movie, and Disney should stick to making their hero's likable from the beginning, like Aladdin and Moulin. Lightening McQueen is a talking race car that wins championship after championship and one night races wild through an old beat up town, ripping up their road to pieces. The rest of the movie, the guy in charge of the little shanty town, Doc Hudson forces Lightning McQueen to repair the road. I felt it got across the usual lighthearted message to children, this one being to respect your elders and care about the people who care for you but the lack of imagination and originality put's this Pixar movie at #10. The second of Pixar's 3D magic was a Bug's Life. Flik lives in a large ant colony where he isn't recognized for the real individual that he is. He latest invention causes mayhem and his fellow ants pushes him out of their colony to find warrior bugs to help them fight off the villainous grasshoppers that oppress their land. This came out the same exact year as the Dreamworks movie "Antz," which I am completed biased towards, haha. I hear Woody Allen's voice and it just draws me right in to a better plot and a more likable hero. Sorry Pixar but ANTZ kicks the ass of A Bug's Life, that's why it's number 9. I will make a top 10 disney movies list, a few of which are on my top 100 of all time which for the time being I condensed to my top 10 movies. The story of Woody the cowboy and Buzz Lightyear the space toy continue as we learn Woody's incredible history through the years of the TV Show and merchandise collecting. We meet the other stars of the old TV Show such as Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl, Stinky Pete the Prospector and of course what would Woody do without his trusty steed Bullseye! The most heart wrenching scene of the movie (SPOILER ALERT) is when we see the loving relationship Jessie the doll had with her best human friend until she was put under the bed and forgotten about when her owner hit the teenage years and finally moved away. This subject matter is brought to large in the third movie when all of Andy's toys are discarded. Toy Story 2 was lovable and fun, I find #1 and #3 to have much more depth and heart. A family of superheros has to stop an evil villain with superpowers from taking over the city. Just like in most superhero movies, seeing a flying human toss ice out of their hands doesn't seem to phase the people on the city floors below, they just cheer as their hero saves them from burglars and psychopaths. This is of course unless they are saved while not wanting to be saved, if this occurs, the superhero is liable to get the pants sued off of them. The Incredibles takes imagination to the real world, and I love when they do this. It's like how would our public masses really take towards people with superhuman abilities? In the mythological land of Monsters, the ghouls and one eyed creatures under your bed and creeping in your closet do actually exist and the terrifying reason they scare little children every night???? A paycheck. Mike and Sully are two workers at a scaring factory in their city in another dimension of our world. Mike sets up the door in a random place in the world and Sully slunks in, in the dead of night and scares the tar out of the children inside to collect their screams, for the scream energy is what fuels their world. This movie is incredibly imaginative and genius and I'd love to see a sequel! The top 5 pixar movies, and other articles such as the top 10 rock movies and Nerd Movies are just a few of soon to be long list of Top 10 Movies. Suggestions for more Top 10 Lists are also encouraged!!!