Many decorative painting books could give you good ideas on how to begin decorative painting. It is an innovative way of adding a new and fresh look to your house in a simple and cost effective way. You just need to know how to apply paint on the surfaces where you want decorative painting to be done. The key to remember in decorative painting is that you should start with a clean and even surface and that you should have the right kind of paint. Regardless of the type of surface you have, be it a slippery surface or an even one, you must make sure that you clean it first thoroughly before starting anything else. You can clean the surface with warm water and soap. Clean any oily spots, glue and other markings on the surface. Then dry it off with a clean soft cloth. If you would do decorative painting on glass make sure the paint you are going to use are the paints that are especially made for glass. Just follow the instructions for the drying time requirements. To make the paint stick more on the glass you can do this by painting a layer of varnish that is water based. This varnish would create a little rough surface on the glass. You can also place some glass etching cream that would make the glass have a frosted appearance. You can use either way to prepare your glass surface so you can easily use acrylic paint as your decorative paint. As additional tip, if you want to make an opaque appearance on your glass surface you can paint a neutral background color prior to painting your design on the surface. You can use decorative painting on plastic as well. Make sure to wash the plastic with warm water and soap to remove dirt and grime or oil. To make the paint stick to the plastic's surface, you can sandpaper its surface lightly or spray the surface with a matte sticky adhesive. If you are doing decorative painting on Terra Cotta you have to totally clean it first and dry it well. If you want it fast, you can dry and place it in a warm oven that has been switched off for a few hours. Then apply many layers of primer or gesso on the surface of the Terra Cotta. Apply acrylic paint. You can also choose to spray paint it. If you are using wood, make sure to sand it to get rid of dust and dirt. Sanding would also make the wood have a finer and even surface. Then you can apply many layers of primer or gesso prior to painting. Always remember to keep your hands clean. Do so by washing with warm water and soap. For each surface you have to continually be careful in keeping all surfaces clean. However, some of them have managed to do so! Well,. Read Article Contemporary canvas art from colour on canvas for canvas. Your home says a statement about who you are. Although, perhaps superficial, people will often judge you on the way you fill and decorate your home. For most people this really. Read Article A La Croisee Des Regards - Buy Paintings From ArtsCad Paintings and pictures have the capability to raise the overall look of your home or office. So before buying anything, you make sure that it's the perfect piece for your. Read Article Kuhn Marie Pierre - Unique Masterpieces Many times in our life, we must have seen different painting works. Newbies and some by famous painters do most of these painting works that touches our heart. It has been seen. Aside from the rod, the right fly line to. Read Article Cleaning Your Fly Lines Since you love fly fishing then it just follows that you also love your fly fishing equipment. Taking care of your equipment would always bring out good results since you are. Read Article Tips in Home Decorative Painting One of the most versatile and innovative ways to bring style and sophistication to your home is by decorative painting. Many decorative painting books would give you great ideas. Read Article Origin of Oil Painting and a Lot More Many oil painting books would mention how oil painting came about. Research studies show that oil painting originated first from Afghanistan between the early fifth to ninth. Read Article