Not all ultra rich people are good at investment but many are, and many regard an oil painting as an excellent investment. Art auctions are attended by many moguls and many others are at the end of a telephone when famous masterpieces are for sale. The example of the well heeled seems reason enough for thinking about why so many of them turn to art as an investment avenue. Tycoons who have made fortunes will regularly spend a good portion of carefully husbanded cash on a single art work. Works by Rubens and Renoir are usually owned by countries but some works by artists of the caliber of Picasso or Van Gogh are in private collections having been purchased for millions of dollars. In 1948 Jackson Pollock produced an oil painting that was sold in 2006 for $156.8 million. In view of the small production costs this might be seen as an investment in time and skill that is worth what an industrialist making T shirts might see as a miracle. It explains why artists are actually among the most highly paid people, although many would find that difficult to believe. It is difficult to sell a painting for this much profit unless it acquires an identity of its own which may be partly it own attributes and partly what other attribute to it. When the son of a scientist once professed an interest in being an artist he was discouraged on the grounds that art was, in the opinion of the father, for This anecdote illustrates a common social attitude towards artists, but also something important about artists The boy turned away to became a lawyer, so illustrating an important point about genuine artists. Many would rather die than not do art. That is their passion and they have to take the risk of living by it, often suffering severely as a consequence. In great pictures something of the passion remains on the board or canvas as an irresistible part of the picture. Art investments might fall into many different genres but oil paintings are popular. They are portable, especially if painted on canvas, require relatively little maintenance and do not tend to attract the attentions of tax collectors, unless traded. Ownership of them affords economic, social and intellectual satisfaction. A painting graces a room every day and grows in value as it does so. A story is told that one of Van Gogh oil paintings was used as the floor of a chicken coop before being discovered and restored to its pristine condition. This illustrates the durability of oil paintings. In addition the oil medium allows artists to work slowly adding layers to create texture and effects of light. A collector wishing to invest in an oil painting can now use the Internet to investigate the many opportunities that exist. At first it may be tempting to buy hand painted replicas of great works that are available. However, a better bet might be an original work by a new or little known artist. If it does please it will immediately serve the true purpose of art. If its creator becomes famous in the fullness of time it could also become fabulously valuable. Let a Melbourne Wedding Photographer Capture Your Life's Great MomentsMelbourne Wedding Photographer - How Do You Find the Best One?The Beauty of Handwritten Fonts The New Art Form that Is Craft Rubber StampsDid You Know The Meaning Of Property Music?Mummy Halloween Themed Dinner "Under Wraps"How WordPress Plug-ins Affect Your Site's Load TimeTop Plug-ins to Stop Comment SpamKeeping WordPress Updated, Why, How, CompatibilityDiet Tips for a Beautiful Female Figure Forever Jaisalmer - a taste of the RoyalsHow To Do Laundry and Save MoneyExplore Nature's Paradise with One and Only Option- The Sri Lanka HolidaysFeel The Beat With Dubturbo ReviewHow to Choose the Right Hotel to Stay in When You're in LeedsEnglish Royalty6 Month Loans: Helps To Get Rid Of Financials HardshipBenefits of relying on the internet for christening robesBusiness invoice factoring - The best way to accomplish cash flow obligations and business processingTips on choosing christening gowns