1. One of the most common ways people are making extra money right now is to sell their unwanted items at a garage sale, on Craig's List or on Ebay. Let your trash be someone else's treasure! 2. Write articles for passive income through ads. Sites such as Bukisa, Ehow and Xomba are just a few of the sites that are currently 3. Offer your services as a handyman (or handy ma'am). If you're good at doing home repairs, yard work, cleaning out gutters, changing the oil in a car, repairing holes in drywall, painting…the list is endless…put an ad on Craig's List or advertise in your community newsletter. 4. Got a knack for taking great photos? Sell your photos online. Check out sites such as Shutterstock, Photostockplus, Shutterpoint and many more. 5. Teach a class. Many areas have a Recreation Center or YMCA that offer classes. You don't need to be a professional, just have a skill that you think others would be interested in learning. The class could be on anything - swing dancing, writing short stories, yoga, cooking, crafts…again, the list is endless. 6. Write and sell an E-Book. Share your knowledge with the world! 7. Give advice. There are many sites that are paying people to give advice. Most of us give our advice on a daily basis for free. Why not get paid for it? You don't necessarily have to have a degree, just some knowledge on any topic. Check out sites such as Kasamba, Daytipper, Jyve, Ingenio, Expertbee, Knowbrainer, Studentquestions and many more. 8. Do you have sewing skills? You can earn extra money by sewing for those who don't have the time or don't know how. You can make outfits, alter clothing, make drapes, etc. Decide what you are willing to sew and advertise on Craig's List, in community newsletters, at local crafts sewing shops and at drycleaners. 9. Design and sell products at Cafepress. You can sell just about anything here - apparel, stickers, buttons, magnets, housewares, office accessories, cards, bags, books and cds. If you don't like Cafepress, be sure to check out Zazzle or Spreadshirt. 10. Are you good with animals? Be a dog walker. Advertise your services on Craig's List, in community newsletters, at local veterinarians and grooming shops. 11. Be a pet sitter. Advertise on Craig's List, in community newsletters, at local veterinarians and grooming shops. Be sure to be specific about the type of animal (and size) you are willing to sit for and if you'll be willing to sit at their house or only yours. 12. Be a people sitter. Many people need someone to watch their children or elderly parents from time to time. Advertise on Craig's List, community newsletters, daycares and senior centers. 13. Be a house sitter. There are a lot of people who just aren't comfortable leaving their homes unattended for a long period of time. You can make extra money by offering to watch someone's home for them so that everything is intact when they return. Duties often include taking care of plants, taking care of animals, yard work, snow removal from sidewalks and retrieving mail. Advertise on Craig's List and in community newsletters. 14. Do you have great organizational skills, have a knack for getting things done and can deal with stressed out people? Be a wedding planner. Advertise on Craig's List , in community newsletters and at bridal shops. 15. Become a Personal Assistant. This could be as hands-on as helping someone run their day-to-day life or as simple as doing a few tasks. Many shut-ins or extremely busy people welcome the thought of someone to help out with grocery shopping and running errands. 16. Become a Virtual Assistant. Provide administrative and personal support to business while working from the comfort of your own home (maybe even in your pajamas)! You will need a computer, internet connection, email, fax machine and a telephone. 17. Sign up with temporary employment services. These great companies are all over the place and offer permanent, long term, short term and day-to-day employment. They will work around your schedule. You can only work Saturdays? Not a problem. Just tell them when you are available and they'll call when they have a job that meets your criteria. Its often best to sign up with a few agencies. 18. Become a Personal Organizer. Some people just can't seem to figure out how to organize their homes and work space. If you have excellent organizational skills you can earn extra money by helping those that are "organizaned-challanged".